Disabled. Software Engineer at Netflix focusing on AI. Co-founder of Vortle https://www.vortle.com

Technical interviews can be structured to have both candidate and interviewer solve an unseen technical problem together, in real-time or asynchronously, using a form of communication that works for both parties — text, verbal or sign language.

This form of interview can help to reduce bias, test real world collaboration skills and probe each other inclusivity, while restoring balance to power dynamics a bit.

  1. “Getting on a quick call” might not be an option for a lot of folks. What you can do instead is to ask the person what is their preferred form of communication.
  2. Offer alternative options of communication during your interview process.
  3. Explicitly express what accommodations available instead of waiting for the candidate to ask for one. For example, “We offer paid take home exercise, or paid asynchronous problem solving exercise.” If you don’t offer any accommodations, be upfront about it.

#disability-tech and Vortle

I’ve recently co-founded Vortle

Vortle offers anxiety management and stress relief tools designed for neurodiverse, disabled or mentally ill people.

Vortle can be considered a disability-tech company, as we consider digital accessibility to be a core value of the company and of our product.

Vortle beta…

Stanislav Kirdey

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